Fixed fee packages for EMI and other share schemes


We have set up many EMI share option schemes (both for clients and on behalf of other accounting firms) and we are able to offer realistic economic rates that suit growing entrepreneurial companies. The preparation of EMI schemes is one of our core activities and our approach is highly efficient. Typically we can deal

with the documentation by phone, post and email but if you would like a ‘full service’ basis, which would include face-to-face meetings (which can encompass presentations to staff for example) we are very happy to undertake this too.

  • Services
  • Fixed fee £3,495  
  • Separate fees  
  • EMI Option Agreement providing for the grant of EMI options exercisable either based on time vesting or on an exit/sale of the company and incorporating standard leaver provisions and performance targets if required. Includes discussion and advice on how to structure your scheme.
  • Review of your Articles to assess conformance with the EMI scheme
  • HMRC Share Valuation Application consisting of carrying out the valuation, writing the letter to HMRC requesting agreement to the proposed share valuation, compiling supporting documentation and then any dialogue or negotiation with HMRC if required.
  • Help sheets to guide you through every step of the process.
  • A briefing document for employees showing the key terms of an EMI agreement including the tax implications.
  • Board minutes approving the terms of the EMI Option Agreement and the grant of EMI options.
  • Formal notice of the grant of the EMI options to HMRC
  • Share split – you may need to divide your shares to facilitate the option scheme if you have a small number of existing shares e.g. 100 £1 shares, which could be split to 10,000 1p shares (enables the granting of small percentages for the option shares). Includes preparation of board minutes and shareholder resolution to effect the split.

The services listed above should provide you with everything you need to set up your EMI option scheme. In some cases you may want other work carried out as below.

  • New Articles of Association (e.g. if you want a new share class with non-voting rights, and the ability to buy back shares if an employee leaves)
  • £295-£395  
  • Visit by us to your premises e.g. to explain scheme to your staff.
  • £750  
  • Advance assurance application, if necessary, to HMRC (for clearance that the company is eligible for EMI purposes) including preparing and sending the letter to HMRC requesting advance assurance, and the supporting documentation. Not usually needed for most companies.
  • £595  
  • Annual return to HMRC for your EMI scheme
  • £105 for a 'nil' return or £225 if changes need to be reported  


  • Growth Share scheme - • Advice on design and structure • Share Valuation • New Articles of Association • Board minutes • Shareholder resolutions • Share subscription agreement • Scheme Rules • Companies House filings • A briefing document for employees
  • £3,495  
  • Unapproved share option scheme – where you wish to grant options to someone who is not an eligible employee, such as a non-exec director or consultant. This is a legal contract between the company and the person and unlike EMI, is not governed by any HMRC legislation in terms of content.
  • £745 if required alongside an EMI scheme or £995 standalone  
  • HMRC Share Valuation Application only - consisting of the letter to HMRC requesting agreement to the proposed share valuation, compiling supporting documentation and then any dialogue or negotiation with HMRC if required.
  • Request quotation - depends on size and complexity but typically £1695  
  • EMI legal work as per the fixed fee list above, but with no HMRC share valuation or application
  • Request quotation- depends on size and complexity but typically £1895  
  • CSOP scheme - an alternative to EMI - fixed fee service to set up a CSOP, including the legal documentation and agreement of company market value with HMRC
  • £3,495