Steve Lovett FCA

Senior Consultant

Steve has a keen passion for getting the most out of business systems, streamlining business processes and developing effective management information reports. Having been actively involved in many IT Systems Development Panels, Steve is now a member of the ICAEW IT Faculty.

With an analytical mind, methodical approach and tactful manner, Steve is an effective negotiator and arbitrator. His supportive management style allows him to communicate with and motivate staff at all levels. He is based near Lyme Regis.

Call us on 01392 432654

Key skills:

  • Design, development and implementation of effective management information systems, including meaningful KPIs
  • Coaching the management team to ensure proper understanding of management information as a tool to monitor business performance and drive the business forward
  • Critical analysis of business operational processes and identification / implementation of change to improve efficiencies, including negotiating with affected staff / suppliers / customers
  • Development of management team through appreciation of each others roles, an understanding that the strength of the team is far greater than the sum of the individuals and thereby a desire to work together effectively
  • Acting as arbitrator to provide a balanced interpretation of individuals thoughts to ensure the management team / business owners identify a clear, and fully supported, strategy for the future of the business
  • IT project management, including in depth knowledge of ADP Autoline Rev.8 dealer management software for the automotive sector – initial planning, implementation and ongoing
  • Negotiation of banking facilities
  • All aspects of business management and development within the automotive dealer environment

Testimonials for Steve

‘In 2009 I realised our business needed more experienced financial advice. Our auditors had been with us since the business was set up over 20 years ago and we were very satisfied with their auditing and tax advice. Our company had 3 part time accounts staff and we had no issues with the day-to-day bookkeeping in the company. We had a rigorous invoice chasing mechanism and our clients paid on time – cash was not an issue. However, at senior management level we needed the input of an experienced and commercially-focused accountant. We needed someone to help us understand the financial implications of both our previous actions and, more importantly, our proposed actions before committing to them. We needed to look at options for growth within the business as we had not significantly grown our turnover over recent years in the way we had hoped and planned to. I met several companies who could provide part time FDs. Jerry Davison at SouthWest FD impressed me with both the quality and the flexibility of his approach. I particularly liked the fact that he had plenty of experience working with companies of our size. Jerry proposed Steve Lovett to work with us. Steve had no previous experience of a service company in the HR field and initially I felt this would be a major issue. Steve has quickly shown that my fears were unfounded. Steve has been instrumental in helping us review options for the business and has recently investigated a potential business for acquisition. This business welcomed him into their company and worked proactively with him. This is rare, normally in such circumstances Steve would have been seen as working for the other side and would have had difficulty getting the information we needed quickly for a decision. In fact the owner of that business commented that he learnt more about the finances of his business in 2 days with Steve than over 10 years with his accountants!’ – Tricia Dicks, Chair, HDA